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Price: 30 USD

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HUCHACO VIETNAM imports high quality quartz, not extracted essential oils, 100% pure 100% supply and distribution of goods across the country. The order will be delivered. Benefit payment when goods. HUCHACO uses the service of saving goods, so the cost of delivery is low and delivery is quickest anywhere in Vietnam. Sichuan Safflower is mainly grown in Sichuan, China. It is a popular medicine and spice in Chinese herbal medicine and spices industry. A large amount of pepper is used to extract the oil for use in the pharmaceutical industry remains, for business interests should traders or mix the pepper into the pepper extract. Or extract in a certain percentage, reducing the rate of pepper oil. On the market today there are types of piercing as follows: * 100% not yet extracted * Crushed specimens of the extracted pepper are not extracted. * Percentage extracted. Grain, which is heavy weight, seedless oil but also divided into 3, ie extracted or not, or less fragrant body. To ensure the goods when buying, customers check and compare to buy the best quality.